Legal Services

Legal Services

Butterfield Legal Services is an in-house legal service provider and an integral element of the Butterfield Group. We provide support services to the clients of the other companies within the Group to dovetail international and local agreements in line with jurisdictional requirements and underpin the Group’s activities in Captive Insurance programs, tax planning solutions and corporate services provision.

This combination of legal work, financial services and due diligence investigations provides hard hitting results for business development, special purpose vehicle formations, joint ventures, investment projects, venture capital project financing, and protection of international assets and investments.

The concept of the firm is to provide centrally managed, integrated professional services. combining experience from a wide spectrum of professional specialties, and coordinates diverse resources on multiple territories. This allows us to provide strategically effective and cost-efficient solutions, to be a reliable partner in enhancing your company’s growth, strength and competitiveness.

New Generation Professional Services

The majority of our services are not provided by any law firm, financial services firm, economic security company or management consulting firm. Our specialty is custom developed packages of integrated services, tailored to the unique needs of our clients. This allows us to provide a wide range of targeted and progressive business solutions designed to achieve maximum results.

Our “fixed fee for service” policy means that clients know exactly what results they will get, at exactly what cost, with no uncontrolled billable hours.

Clients all over the world are experiencing the difference, and Butterfield Legal Services is quickly developing a reputation as a leader and pioneer of the “new generation” of professional services.